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Breaking News Koeln Mark Steyn mocks Bloomberg as ‘Russian asset’ installed ‘to make Joe Biden look forceful and vigorous’

Author and commentator Mark Steyn riffed Thursday on former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg's performance at the previous night's Democratic presidential debate, satirically claiming that the 78-year-old media mogul must be a "Russian asset.""I think the best explanation for Bloomberg is that he is in fact a Russian asset who has been planted into the Democrat race to make…

Breaking News Koeln San Francisco sheriff, mayor say they won’t help federal agents deport illegal immigrants

San Francisco's newly minted sheriff said his officers won't help federal authorities deport undocumented immigrants despite increasing pressure from the Trump administration to crack down on people living illegally in U.S. sanctuary cities.Paul Miyamoto, California's first Asian American sheriff, said going after undocumented immigrants seeking solace is not a priority.TRUMP ADMINISTRATION TO DEPLOY BORDER PATROL TO SANCTUARY…

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