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Breaking News Koeln After attacking Trump’s coronavirus-related China travel ban as xenophobic, Dems and media have changed tune

Get all the latest news on coronavirus and more delivered daily to your inbox. Sign up here.Within hours of President Trump's decision to restrict travel from China on Jan. 31, top Democrats and media figures immediately derided the move as unnecessary and xenophobic -- and they are now beating a hasty retreat from that position as the coronavirus…

Breaking News Koeln Katie Pavlich warns of ‘forced compliance’ if people don’t follow White House coronavirus guidelines

TownHall.com editor Katie Pavlich warned Monday that if Americans do not follow voluntary guidelines meant to slow down the spread of the coronavirus they will eventually be forced to comply."As the president also pointed out today, all options are on the table. And I would point out that when doctors and the experts talk about…

Breaking News Koeln John Oates of Hall & Oates says he slept with ‘thousands’ of women during the ‘70s: ‘I’ve lost track’

John Oates was keeping busy in the ‘70s — and it wasn’t just with music.The mustachioed half of pop duo Hall & Oates told Page Six on Friday he doesn’t know how many women he slept with during that decade alone.“I’m sure it was thousands,” the 71-year-old admitted to the outlet. “I’ve lost track.”“If you…

Breaking News Koeln Michael Eric Dyson, liberal ‘View’ hosts say Trump’s mention of ‘Gone with the Wind’ was racially motivated

Liberal commentator Michael Eric Dyson attacked President Trump on Friday, arguing that he was racist for pushing for a return of "Gone with the Wind" and criticizing the movie "Parasite.""The View" showed a clip of Trump arguing at a Colorado rally Thursday that "Parasite" shouldn't have received an Academy Award. He also panned the choice of…

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